James W. Linn and Sarah Chilcoat Linn

JAMES W. LINN, third son of James Linn, was born in 1824 in Horse Valley, Pennsylvania. His parents moved to the little Aughwick Creek, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, where they lived and died. He married Margaret Linn, daughter of William Linn and granddaughter of Hugh Linn, in 1847, but their married life was brief, as she died in the same year. In 1855 he married Sarah Chilcoat, who bore to him five children.

James W. Linn moved to Shelby, Iowa, in 1871, built one of the first houses in that town, and was one of the original members of the Methodist Church there. He bought 80 acres near Shelby, which he improved, but subsequently sold and invested in a fruit farm near Pierce City, Missouri, where he now resides with his daughter, Carrie. During the Civil War he enlisted in the Federal Army, August 29, 1864, and was honorably discharged August 3, 1865.

SARAH (CHILCOAT) LINN was born in Hares Valley, Pennsylvania, in 1824. She was a good woman, a born Methodist, early learned to sew, knit, spin and weave, as well as do all kinds of housework. She was reticent in disposition, but always willing and ready to assist anyone in need, and had many warm friends.

[Text from "History of a Fragment of the Clan Linn," 1905, p. 175-176]

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