Welcome! On this page you will find links to the genealogies of my eight great-grandparents. If you would like to comment about anything related to this web site, please send me an e-mail.

Elizabeth Brethower
Last Update: 2 Nov 2022
Includes the Brethouwer and Prange families of Sheboygan Co., WI and Lancaster Co., NE, and their ancestors from eastern Gelderland Prov., Holland.
Gertie Helena Johnson
Last Update: 2 Nov 2022
Includes the Johnson family of Marshall Co., IA, and their ancestors originating mostly in Alseda, Hult, Hultsjö, Mellby, Skede, and Vetlanda Församlings in Jönköpings Län, Sweden.
Theodore Henry Koning
Last Update: 2 Nov 2022
Includes the Koning family of Sheboygan Co., WI, the Oosterhuis/Osterhouse family of Kent Co., MI, and their ancestors from the northern most villages of Groningen Prov., Holland.    
Luella Virginia Linn
Last Update: 2 Nov 2022
Includes the Linn family of Franklin and Huntingdon Counties, PA; Booher family of Huntingdon County, PA; and Keagy and Shoff families of Clearfield Co., PA. Special Booher Section (Last Update: 21 Apr 2018).
Ernst Jonas Fredrik Rylander
Last Update: 2 Nov 2022
Includes the ancestors originating mostly in Alseda, Eksjö, Höreda, Lommaryd, Marbäck, Nässjö, and Skede Församlings in Jönköpings Län, Sweden.    
Albert Smith Stevens
Last Update: 2 Nov 2022
Includes the Stevens and Deavor families of Fulton Co., PA, and the Holland family of Blair Co., PA.
Edward TeRonde
Last Update: 2 Nov 2022
Includes the TeRonde and Duenk families of Sheboygan Co., WI, and their ancestors from eastern Gelderland Prov., Holland.
Martha Van Der Jagt
Last Update: 2 Nov 2022
Includes the Van Der Jagt and DeMaster families of Sheboygan Co., WI, and their ancestors from Zeeland Prov., Holland.    

General Disclaimor

The information I present here is compiled from original sources, secondary sources, and previously compiled genealogies. Where I have done my own research involving original and secondary sources, I show what I believe to be the most reliable information based on those records. In some cases, this information may directly conflict with that found in other previously compiled and, often times, generally accepted genealogies. There is no guarantee that the information that I present here is any more accurate than that found in those other genealogies.


This is a work in progress. As I find significant new information, I will try to make updates in a timely manner.

At the end of some family pages, there is a "Last Update" date. This date represents when data was last updated in my personal records for one or more of the individuals shown on the page. The actual web page will have been last updated on or after this date.


Co.   =   County
Twp.   =   Township
Gem.   =   Gemeente (Dutch Municipality)
Par.   =   Parish
Prov.   =   Province (Dutch State)
Förs.   =   Församling (Swedish Parish)


In an effort to keep things manageable, I only compile and show information on the children and grandchildren of my direct ancestors. Also, I don't show anything for a generation where there are still individuals from that generation who are alive. This means that I only show information for the generations of my great-grandparents and before.


In general, I show names in the form in which they appear in the records in the country of the individual's birth. Where significant name changes or name adoptions have occurred, those new names are shown in parentheses. Note that there are many spelling variations for names, especially for those found in older records. I've tried to show the most common forms, but admittedly in many cases, my choices are pretty arbitrary. Where a name is shown in gray, I have some question as to whether or not the individual is actually a part of the family.

Dates and Calendars

Where I have found credible sources with two different dates for an event, I place the date I believe to be correct first. In those rare cases where three or more dates are reasonably possible, I generally truncate the date to encompass all of the possibilites, showing either just the month and year of the event, or just the year.

Dates shown with a "(J)" after them are Julian calendar dates. During the period between the beginning of Mar 1700 and the end of Feb 1712, the Swedish calendar was one day ahead of the Julian calendar (e.g. 10 Jan 1710 in Sweden was 09 Jan 1710 on the Julian calendar). These dates are shown with a "(J*)" after them.

French Republican calendar dates used in Holland during the French Revolution have been converted to modern day Gregorian calendar dates.

Biographies and Pictures

I have included biographical information and pictures for some individuals and families (often found under the husband's name). I'm interested in obtaining and publishing more material from anyone who may be able and willing to contribute.